Friday, November 20, 2009

Steaks and Potatos !

  • Get mini steaks
  • Medium flame
  • veggie oil
  • Get the peeled garlic and chop about five very fine.
  • Chop onions .(half of an onion)
  • By the sofrito sauce already made
  • Throw a couple of olives in the pan
  • Mix all of the ingredients together
  • Let it cook for about 6 mins
  • Buy fresh mash Potato .Make sure it was made the same day!
  • heat it up in a pan and just add butter!
  • As a side dish ,Boil corn .And the way you make corn is boil the water first and then put the corn in and then when 20 minutes pas take it out ! and rub butter all over it! YUM

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fast and quick dinners for every day.

  • Season chicken with black pepper ,adobo and dice little onions.
  • use olive oil to cook the chicken in.
  • You can boil spaghetti or make rice.
  • If you don't how to make rice here are the steps.
  • take a mug and fill it two to three times with rice
  • Put it in a pot wash it four to five times.
  • fill the pot with the rice and water
  • the water should be one inch above the rice
  • add salt and oil
  • for the oil two to caps,so the rice does not sick to the pot.
  • let the rice boil
  • once you see the water boiling under the rice .
  • Put a large piece of foil on the pot and then over the it with the lid.
  • lower the flame and let the rice steam for 5 min .
  • open the lid and steer it
  • Put everything back with the foil and the lid.
  • keep checking it every five minutes until the rice look plumped
  • you can steam and veggies if you want a side dish.
  • Make sure you steam veggies with garlic ,olive oil and a little salt

Here's dinner!!